Personal Branding


What is personal branding?

Consider this: how man companies do you know that are managed by a strong leader? How many of these companies that you have never had contact with? The marketing industry has long discovered the huge potential of a charismatic leader, especially when it comes to conducting business. You can also use this potential!


Positive feedback about what you do is the driving force behind your online recognition. Don’t neglect it.


The more you publish using diversified SM channels, the more you build your brand.


Step by step

bRenewal specializes in building individual brands of people involved in business. Whether you are the president, director, manager or specialist – we will help you build your personal brand

Do you want your company to be recognized by your charismatic person? Or maybe you would like to receive lots of invitations to recruitment meetings?

Regardless of what your aspiration is – ours is to make your name well known on the market. Based on your position and the goal you want to achieve, we will prepare a personalized plan and strategy of action. Depending on how much time you set for this task and to what extent you desire to be directly involved in it, we will determine the appropriate activity coefficient. We will also prepare an estimation of campaign effects in several key points.


Who is the service for?

Building a public image in business can refer to people from different levels. Depending on the profile, we prepare the right strategy.

Personal Branding for people managing the Company

Regardless of whether you want to build the company’s credibility, or if you ultimately want to sell it – learn from the best! Companies are usually creations devoid of explicit personal features. The logotype itself does not build credibility, but the owner / president – YES! Apple, Microsoft, Tesla – these are companies that are known for their charismatic leaders, no less than for their products. Make sure that people trust your company as they trust you today.

Personal Branding for specialists

Some want to be recognized as reliable sellers, engineers and marketers. Others, however, conduct training, while others still want to receive lots of invitations to recruitment meetings and get the best job offers available on the market. If you want to promote your person to make your name recognizable, we can certainly help you. What is your goal?

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